Preventing homelessness

Homelessness takes many forms and is caused by more than housing problems. Social exclusion is one of the contributing factors to homelessness.  A feasibility study carried out in 1994 revealed that:shutterstock_132013568

  • There are many vulnerably housed, single people around the city
  • Most of the people suffered from mental health problems i.e. depression
  • Many people were unemployed and in debt, especially rent arrears
  • Most people felt lonely and isolated from the community
  • Some people had experience of being homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • There is need for a centre to fill this gap in the provision of services

The Centre Project was then established up to support  single, socially excluded and vulnerable people and promote the successful independence of residents who still experience the long-term effects of homelessness. In particular we provide:

  • A safe place social inclusion
  • Advocacy, support and understanding
  • Signposting to other specialist agencies
  • Pastoral care
  • Meaningful activities
  • Cheap nutritious meals
  • Support to prevent tenancy breakdown

Our Day centre supports socially excluded people to sustain their community, social or private housing if it is under threat and break the cycle of repeat homelessness. If we wait until people become homeless, we are not only exposing them to the damage of life without housing, but we also make it much harder and more expensive to help them out of homelessness and back into permanent housing.