Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing aims to support people and communities towards whole person healthcare.

This is care for the person’s overall well-being, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

ElaineOur Parish Nurse Elaine Liquorish is an experienced Registered Nurse whose knowledge is supported by a specialist Parish Nurse Education programme.  They work to bring wholeness not only to the physical but also the spiritual aspect of individuals.

What type of care can a Parish Nurse offer?

  • Help to understand your disease or condition
  • Provide information on health care topics, both as a group and 1:1
  • Refer you to your GP and other healthcare professionals as appropriate
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Relaxation classes
  • Offer support and a listening ear
  • Offer prayer and spiritual encouragement and counsel
  •  Guidance on health issues that you may not understand

Parish nurses work with people of all ages and backgrounds, those with any faith or none.

For more information on when you can see Elaine please call 0116255403 or send us an email

For more information on Parish Nursing please visit

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