About Us

Our History

The centre project was established in 1996. Research carried out by Central Baptist Church – Leicester revealed a gap in service provision for single, vulnerable and unemployed residents isolated in city flats and bed-sits. It is recognised that the isolation of flats is not helpful to such people.

We aim to reduce the isolation of vulnerable and socially isolated members of our community and promote their wellbeing by taking a holistic approach to support.

The Centre Project is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Our Ethos

We have a Christian ethos and foundation. This is understood by the practical expression of God’s love as exampled and commanded by Christ, especially in the second of two greatest commandments where Jesus instructed “Love your neighbour as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). This practical expression of God’s love is offered to our clients and expected from our Centre staff and volunteers in line with other Bible passages, further defining Christian love, such as Luke 4:18-19 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

However, it is not the function of The Centre Project to proselytize the Christian faith.

Our services are open to people of all faiths and none

Equality and Diversity

The Centre Project is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all its activities to promote inclusive processes, practices and culture. We strive towards a culture that is diverse and inclusive that recognises and develops the potential of all staff and service users.